What is Rooting-Advantages and Disadvantages

WHAT IS ROOTING?                         

Rooting is the term which is used for android system.As the word “ROOT” means depth,it means you are going in depth of your device by rooting it .Rooting is like jail breaking for android and allows user to dive deeper into a phone sub-system. Essentially it will allow you to access the entire operating system and able to customize just about anything on your android


  1. The first cons of rooting your device is that you will lose the warranty of the device instantly. Big companies such as Sony,Motorola,HTC,Samsung and many more vanishes there warranty if there device is rooted while on the other hand some Chinese company like xiomi,oneplus support rooting and also continue their warranty
  2. while you are rooting your device if you have done any wrong step then your device is going to damaged completely and then you can use it only as a paper weight(your phone might get bricked).The process of rooting is very simple but many user skip some steps which leads to this kind of possibility
  3. If your device is rooted then you are compromising your phone security because you have broken the security shield of your device by rooting it.Now the android system don’t have the responsibility to protect your phone ,now you have to protect your phone yourself
  4. As soon as the new version of android come you will not able to update your android until root of that android is made ,so mainly you have to wait for sometime for updating to the latest version of android


If you do not care of the consequences of rooting then by rooting your device you can  do anything with you phone .There are many application on play store which  works on rooted phone only and once you give the permission to the particular application then they can do great job for you and there are thousand of application available on play store.

You don’t have an idea what rooting can do for you check down below to know-
  1. It can increase or decrease you battery life
  2. You can unlock many hidden features
  3. It can do automation, can overclock you processor
  4. Increase sleep time
  5. save battery life
  6. You can delete you original software which was provide by the company & free up some space
  7. Some phone don’t have enough internal memory by which they can’t able to install more application but by rooting you can use you external memory as a internal memory
  8. you can install custom ROM means you can install the real android provided by Google

So before rooting your device first check your requirement then root your device .Many thing are now easily done without rooting your device